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How to Get Rid of Swelling and Inflammation

In fact, with inflammation and is the cause of the swelling is very easy. They can be caused by injury, infection passed, be the result made ​​the wrong move or chronic affliction in which the skin is constantly inflamed and causes unbearable pain.

In today’s article you will learn how the domestic and natural way to cause swelling and inflammation quickly subsided.


What exactly is inflammation?

State of inflammation is a natural defense reaction of the organism, which can be caused by biological factors, chemical or physical . Inflammation is designed to stimulate the defenses of our body.

Inflammation primarily dilates blood vessels and increases the permeability and tissue blood flow , which in addition is accompanied by a set of symptoms such as redness, pain, swelling, increase in body temperature among others.

Through these signs and symptoms that causes inflammation medical owes its name by comparing the fire and ignite it causes. However, this does not mean that the characteristics of the inflammatory response is always the same.

In some cases, the area underlying arthritis is not subject to swelling , and observed the lowered temperature . In this article we’ll look at ways for the inflammation that causes swelling, pain, redness and warm.

When and where to apply mitigation measures inflammation?

  • immediately after suffering injury if there was no open wound
  • when the specific region affects chronic pain. They may be back lu pond
  • neck during a throat infection or other inflammatory
  • in an area where there is liver (around the ribs on the right side of the abdomen), the felt is pain or discomfort. In this case, the cancel process with ice and try one of the other two
  • on the abdomen, it causes the painful symptoms and swollen


As mentioned earlier feeling hot and ignite it is one of the characteristics of inflammation, and therefore one of the oldest and most popular and well known to all home way to relieve this discomfort is to use ice .

It is important to remember that ice should not be applied directly to the skin , but instead you can select one of the following options:

  • a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a cloth
  • specially designed precisely for such use bags of gel
  • ice cubes wrapped in a cloth

A cold compress should be applied at least 20 minutes.

Chronic inflammation is characterized by the absence of swelling and increase the temperature of the affected area . In such cases it is advisable to use warm compresses (water, electric mats), which will act nice and relaxing.

Glinka and turmeric

Clay is another natural product, which is used since ancient times. Any time the mud because it was easily accessible product for all, and in addition, without incurring unnecessary costs.

Today, of course, much safer to use purified clay powder, which is easily buy in herbal stores or health food stores.  Glinka just mix with a little water and form a homogeneous mass . In such form, we put it to the desired place paying attention to the established weight is not dripping water.

Please note that at the time of molding by weight of the clay is not advisable to use containers of plastic material, metal or pottery . In contact with these substances, it loses its beneficial properties. Instead, better to opt for glass, wood or ceramic dishes and containers.

After applying the weight of the clay, allow it to dry.  To enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of this clay is worth to add a dash of turmeric powder. This spice addition to alleviating inflammation, has powerful properties of the analgesic  .

Wrap the cabbage leaf

Another simple way home to fight inflammation in the body is to use cabbage leaves. It may for some be a surprise, but the cabbage also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and the food its effect on reducing internal inflammation in our body.

However, the benefits can also be used for topical application.

The only thing you need to prepare compress the three outer leaves of cabbage heads. How to use them?

  • Set a pot of water for cooking
  • when the water boils should be three times immersed in it, and pull out the cabbage leaves cheering them a little bit, and then shredded using a mortar and pestle
  • the resulting formulation is applied to a place where there was inflammation, cover material, and finally cover with foil kitchen
  • so applied a compress is left for about 30 minutes



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