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Gas Trouble Treatment – Gas in Intestines

Treatment for Gas trouble

The doctors will check the patients whether the patient is suffering from ulcer or cancer or is it a normal entrails problem, who consult the doctor with problems like bloating stomach gas etc.

If the people are below 40 years and are not  having any blood vomiting, weight loss, fever, stomach pain then it  is called as functional Dyspepsia else it is treated as organic Dyspepsia. The treatment will be started in functional Dyspepsia without any tests. Whereas if the patients are aged above 40 then endoscopy, ultrasound scans, colonoscopy, barium mill etc. tests will be done. The treatment will start depending on the result of the report. gas trouble treatment treatment

gas trouble

  • The entrails movements will be reduced in diabetes and thyroid patients. Due to this bacteria will increase inside and leads to gas problem. To improve the movement of entrails the medicines like Optokinetic will be given. These will bring movement in the entrails and sends the gas down.  gas trouble treatment
  • On other side the entrails movement will be high in the people having hyper thyroids, tension or mental stress. In some people the entrails will work very delicately. The decentralizes will be given to the delicate membavarin which reduces the smoothness. Then the problem will be reduced.
  • It is better to do exercise and avoid foods which increase gas production.  Changes in life style will also help in improving the condition.
  • Infections: The Dyspepsia will also come from the gas released by the bacteria Helicobacter. In countries such as china and japan in case of Dyspepsia the medicines will be given after doing Helicobacter test. Where as in India the research proved that the helicobacter is not the reason for the disease Dyspepsia and also it proved that it gives some protection. So the medicine will be given without doing the Helicobacter test. On other side in India Giardiasis is more. This Protozoa damages the digestive system by sticking to the small entrails. The digestion will not be good. Weight loss, stomach pain, diarrhea, gas and growth retardation are symptoms we can observe in children.
  • The Giardiasis can be cured by giving the medicine Metronidazole which will be also used to the amea basis treatment.
  • The endoscopy and colonoscopy test will be done to the patients who are facing organic Dyspepsia due to ulcer problems in entrails. These tests will find the problem and necessary treatment will be given to solve Dyspepsia problem.
  • Sometimes the diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (ibs),crone’s disease may also be able to observe in Dyspepsia. Such type of diseases has to be confirmed.

Due to bigger eructation in Dyspepsia patients slowly the part below the gullet will open and the acid will move upward by causing pain and some burning sensation in the heart can be observed. You can observe the skin blister (linear ulcers). The medicines such as proton pump inhibiter including prokinetic will be given which is also used to GERD.

Gas in Intestines

Gas Trouble Treatment – Gas in Intestines is an unexplained problem. This cannot be discussed to anyone. Stomach will be bloated due to gas in stomach. That gas will be passed through rectum and through belching.  Normally human entrails contain 100 ml of gas. Sometimes the gas production will be more. The gas will increase and will become a critical problem. This is classified into three parts.

  • During digestion: the food we eat will combine in the entrails in the digestive part and produces the gas. Mainly the gas will increase in case of fibber digestion in the entrails.
  • From the blood: Our blood contains carbon dioxide gases. The gas will increase due the reactions between the entrails and gas in the blood. The carbon dioxide and nitrogen will mix in the blood immediately. But like methane will not mix in the blood and turns into esp. of the stomach. And will go through rectum.
  • Air swallows: While talking or while eating fastly we swallow air without knowing. This is one of the main reasons for eructation and gas. Due to stress we swallow the air in some situations like interviews and exams etc without knowing.



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